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Blog Title: What types of portable air conditioners are there?

Main Que: Are there different types of portable air conditioners?

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  • Query By: YOLANDA ORTEGA (Steele, CA)
  • Date: 11/09/2013

Answer: Basically there are three general categories for portable ac. Drip and non drip: The drip air conditioners are usually less expensive compared to non drip. You have a small tray that collects the condensation from the ac and hence they are called drip type. Single hose and Dual hose: Dual hose portable ac are better at circulating air due to the two hose and hence are usually preffred. Multifunctional: This portable air conditioners usually can perform more then cooling. They usually come with dehumidifers and heating solutions with them.

  • Replied By: Nick L (Byfield, IN)
  • Replied Date: 11/17/2013