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Blog Title: precautions with liquid propane water heaters

Main Que: What are the precautions you should take with liquid propane water heaters?

  • Category: Portable Water Heater Repair
  • Query By: IRMA BALDWIN (Davenport, IA)
  • Date: 05/31/2013

Answer: "Propane, or LP gas, must be used with great caution. • It is heavier than air and will collect first in lower areas making it hard to detect at nose level. • Make sure to look and smell for LP leaks before attempting to light appliance. Use a soapy solution to check all gas fittings and connections. Bubbling at a connection indicates a leak that must be corrected. When smelling to detect an LP leak, be sure to sniff near the floor too. • Gas detectors are recommended in LP applications and their installation should be in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations and/or local laws, rules, regulations or customs. • It is recommended that more than one method be used to detect leaks in LP applications."

  • Replied By: ROSS NAVARRO (Fayetteville, AR)
  • Replied Date: 06/30/2013